Clarens has many famous hiking trails, allowing you to get better views some of it’s most breathtaking scenery and landmarks, while taking part in a healthy and rewarding activity.

Our Estate has beautiful hiking trails too. There is a hiking trail for the use of our residents, that starts right in the Estate and leads up to Smiley Face, which- as the name may suggest- is a large smiley face painted on the side of Mount Horeb by an anonymous artist.

From Smiley Face, another hiking trail leads up to the the summit of Mount Horeb, South Africa’s third highest peak.

At the top of Mount Horeb, there is a Trig Beacon and our own special visitors book. The magnificent view includes: Fouriesburg, Clarens, and vast parts of the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

The other hiking trails are those that are in and around the town that go up to “Titanic” as well as over night hiking trails such as the Angel’s Wing Hiking Trail that can accommodate up to 20 hikers per trip. There is also the nearby Golden Gate Highlands National Park which is a must see for hikers.

Watch this video for more information:

Hiking in Clarens Mountain Estate

Hiking in CME (2) Hiking in CME (3) Hiking in CME (4) Hiking in CME (5) Hiking in CME (6) Hiking in CME (7) Hiking in CME (8)

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