Date: 17 October, 2015

Location: Harrismith

Contact 1: Jaco du Toit
(C) 084-5702544
Entry Details:
Pre-entry Closing Date: 20 September 2015
Pre-entries are accepted up to two weeks before the race. Late entries are accepted at the start from 08h00, at a premium.
Walkers are Welcome
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 5. Route Type: Circular
What can I say about this mountain race except that it is tough, tough, tough. The first three kilometres are run in town. From there it is a gruelling climb up the slopes of the Platberg. Stock up well at the first watering point for it is a tough climb to the next water table at ‘Bloekombome’ at the base of One-Man Pass.If you are on the hunt for a silver medal do not get caught behind the slower runners here as there is very little chance of overtaking until you reach the top of the Platberg. Once on top there is a 2.5 kilometre run along the top before you come to the knee-jerking, quad-ripping downhill run.

Be careful! With two kilometres to go the race returns to the tar road. Your legs will take a beating here, but the crowd support will spur you on. There are very clear directions throughout the route and the golden rule is: ‘Follow the white stones’. After you leave the town the race is run on a footpath. At the top of the mountain there is a control point where times for the first man and woman are taken. In this race the first half should be taken slower than the second.

Gaelyn 083-619-7600
Jaco du Toit 082-898-4630

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